Ryan Gosling Reveals Struggles with Pay Equity on Warner Bros. Barbie Movie

Ryan Gosling Reveals Struggles with Pay Equity on Warner Bros. Barbie Movie
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LOS FELIZ — September 22, 2023 at 6:26 am PDT — Hollywood actor Ryan Gosling, known for his exceptional talent and versatile roles, has bravely shared his personal battle for fair compensation while playing the role of Ken in the blockbuster Barbie movie. In a candid interview, Gosling sheds light on his experience and advocates for gender pay equity in the entertainment industry.

Gosling, who has graced the silver screen in critically acclaimed films such as “La La Land” and “The Notebook,” is now stepping into the iconic role of Ken in the highly anticipated Barbie movie. In this surprising revelation, Gosling candidly discusses his own struggle for pay equity in an industry where gender disparities persist.

In a recent interview, Gosling disclosed, “My personal experience on the set of the Barbie movie made me confront the issue of gender pay equity head-on. It’s not just about my own earnings; it’s about fairness and equality for all individuals in this industry. I want to use my platform to highlight this issue and drive meaningful change.”

While Gosling did not delve into specific figures, his openness about facing pay inequity underscores the urgency of addressing this long-standing problem in Hollywood. His willingness to share his own experiences amplifies the conversation around the need for gender pay parity across the entertainment sector.

Gosling’s revelations align with the broader movement within the entertainment industry that has seen increased advocacy for equal pay. His actions lend significant support to the ongoing dialogue, particularly given his prominent status in Hollywood.

Mattel, the parent company of Barbie, has also voiced its commitment to rectifying gender pay disparities in the industry. “We applaud Ryan Gosling for speaking out about his personal experience with gender pay equity. At Mattel, we are dedicated to creating an equitable and inclusive work environment where everyone is compensated fairly, regardless of gender,” noted Ynon Kreiz, CEO of Mattel.

Ryan Gosling’s candid discussion of his personal struggle for pay equity on the set of the Barbie movie is a courageous step towards raising awareness and advocating for change within the entertainment industry. His actions emphasize the vital role celebrities can play in advancing equality both on and off the screen.

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