Airbnb Offers Free Weekends for Police Who Evict Problem Guests

Airbnb Offers Free Weekends for Police Who Evict Problem Guests
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SAN FRANCISCO — October 8, 2023 at 3:53 pm PDT — Airbnb, the world’s leading online travel platform, is taking proactive steps to address the rise in incidents involving problem guests. Recent news reports have highlighted cases where guests refuse to leave, leaving property owners with limited recourse. In response to these challenges, Airbnb is proud to announce a groundbreaking initiative aimed at resolving such situations swiftly and effectively.

Key Highlights of Airbnb’s Innovative Partnership:

  1. Law Enforcement Collaboration: Airbnb is partnering with law enforcement agencies across the country to provide free weekend stays to police officers. This collaboration will empower trained professionals to assist property owners in resolving guest issues, including guests who refuse to vacate the premises.
  2. Swift Resolution: By leveraging the expertise of off-duty police officers, Airbnb aims to ensure that property owners have a reliable and responsive resource to address any guest-related challenges that may arise during a guest’s stay.
  3. Support for Hosts: Airbnb remains committed to supporting its host community. This initiative will offer hosts a direct line of communication with law enforcement professionals who can intervene in situations where a guest is uncooperative or violates rental agreements.
  4. Enhanced Trust and Safety: The partnership with off-duty police officers is part of Airbnb’s ongoing commitment to enhancing trust and safety within its platform, ensuring that hosts can continue to offer unique and welcoming experiences to guests.

Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky expressed the company’s dedication to providing solutions that benefit both hosts and guests. “At Airbnb, we believe in fostering a community of trust and collaboration. Our partnership with law enforcement is an innovative approach to addressing tenant issues swiftly and professionally. We are committed to ensuring the safety and satisfaction of both hosts and guests while maintaining the integrity of the Airbnb platform,” Chesky stated.

Airbnb hosts can now access this valuable resource by contacting Airbnb’s customer support for assistance with any tenant-related challenges they may encounter. The partnership with off-duty police officers is set to roll out in October 15, offering hosts additional peace of mind and support in addressing tenant issues.

For media inquiries or further information regarding Airbnb’s partnership with law enforcement and its commitment to enhancing trust and safety on the platform, please contact Airbnb.