Lenny Kravitz Makes Trump Dream Come True With Mar-a-Lago Makeover

Lenny Kravitz Makes Trump Dream Come True With Mar-a-Lago Makeover
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NEW YORK — October 22, 2023 at 2:38 pm PDT — In a move that fuses the classic with the contemporary, the globally acclaimed design firm, Kravitz Design, led by the multifaceted artist and visionary designer Lenny Kravitz, is elated to announce their most ambitious undertaking yet—the rejuvenation and modernization of the legendary Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida.

A Fusion of Timelessness and Innovation

Mar-a-Lago, with its storied history and architectural gravitas, will receive a design treatment that mirrors its status. Kravitz Design, celebrated for its sophisticated modern aesthetic and deeply intuitive understanding of space and history, plans to breathe fresh vitality into this age-old resort. The makeover will harmoniously merge classical and avant-garde elements, resulting in an environment that befits the property’s monumental legacy while encapsulating the spirit of the modern era.

“Every design endeavor we embark upon is a journey of discovery and reimagination. Mar-a-Lago offers a unique canvas, rich in history and cultural significance,” shared Lenny Kravitz, founder of Kravitz Design. “Our aim is to honor this rich past while charting a course towards a vibrant and innovative future.”

Expanding the Design Portfolio with Trump’s Mar-a-Lago

Since its inception in 2003, Kravitz Design has woven a tapestry of illustrious projects, from luxury penthouses in the heart of New York City to Parisian hotels exuding classic charm. Adding Donald Trump‘s Mar-a-Lago to this portfolio reaffirms the firm’s commitment to design excellence, blending historical reverence with a cutting-edge design ethos.

As Lenny Kravitz further explained, “Each space tells a story, and our role as designers is to narrate these stories in ways that resonate with the present while paying tribute to the past.”

The Unveiling: A Phased Journey

The Mar-a-Lago redesign will unfold over a meticulously planned timeline spanning several months. Keen observers and aficionados can anticipate phased unveilings, allowing them to immerse themselves in the transformation process. Detailed insights regarding specific design changes, upgrades, and the creative vision driving the transformation will be progressively disclosed, ensuring a holistic appreciation of the metamorphosis.

About Kravitz Design

Established in 2003 by global icon Lenny Kravitz, Kravitz Design Inc. rapidly rose to prominence for its holistic approach to design. The firm, renowned for its harmonious blend of modern elegance with nostalgic touches, has undertaken projects that crisscross continents, specializing in residential, commercial, and product design endeavors.

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