Donald Trump Jr. Asks to Look “More Trump” in Courtroom Sketches

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MANHATTAN — November 6, 2023 at 6:08 am PST — The Trump Organization has formally requested the consideration for a change in the courtroom artist for the ongoing civil fraud trial in Manhattan. This appeal comes after Donald Trump Jr. voiced concerns over the portrayal of his image in the official courtroom sketches, which he feels do not accurately represent his features, especially when compared to the depiction of his brother, Eric Trump.

“The Trump family is known for its distinctive look, and it’s crucial that the public record be as true to life as possible,” Donald Trump Jr. stated. “Courtroom sketches are a form of historical record, and as such, it’s important that they reflect reality. I want my courtroom sketches to prove that I am at least as good looking as my brother Eric.”

Specific Requests for Courtroom Illustrations:

  1. Accurate Representation: The Trump Organization asks for an artist who will take the time to accurately capture the family’s features, particularly Donald Trump Jr.’s hair, which is a point of pride and a recognizable aspect of his persona.
  2. Fair Depiction: It’s important to the organization that all individuals are depicted fairly and in a manner that does not distract from the gravity and dignity of the court proceedings.
  3. Professional Standards: The Trump Organization values professionalism in all aspects of representation, extending to the artistic renderings produced within the courtroom.

“We hope that the court will accommodate this request to ensure that all representations within the trial proceedings are fair and accurate,” a spokesperson for The Trump Organization added.

The Trump Organization respects the artistry and the importance of courtroom artists and their role in the judicial process and anticipates that future sketches will reflect a more faithful likeness.

About Donald Trump Jr.

Donald Trump Jr. is an American businessman and former reality television personality, known for his role as an executive vice president at The Trump Organization and as the eldest son of former U.S. President Donald Trump. He has been a vocal advocate for his father’s political agenda and is a frequent fixture in political discourse and media.

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