Hasbro’s Ultra-Realistic “The Game of Life” Really Hits the Wallet

Hasbro Game of Life Really Hits the Wallet
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PAWTUCKET — November 6, 2023 at 2:56 pm PST — Hasbro, a global leader in play and entertainment, has today announced the upcoming release of The Game of Life: 2024 Very Real Edition, a groundbreaking iteration of the classic board game that promises an unparalleled immersive experience into adulthood and financial management.

The innovative 2024 Very Real Edition elevates gameplay by integrating real-world financial data, requiring players to submit their credit score and net worth before embarking on the journey of life. This bold move is designed to enhance the educational aspect of the game, bringing a new level of authenticity and personalization to the experience.

In an exciting partnership with leading financial technology, The Game of Life will now connect to the exclusive Hasbro® Finance App. This app will interact with players’ bank accounts, making real-time debits and credits in accordance with the ‘costs of living’ incurred during gameplay. The integration of this technology serves as an educational tool, providing players with a realistic glimpse into the financial impacts of life’s decisions.

Hasbro’s dedication to creating engaging and realistic gameplay experiences is further demonstrated by a comprehensive study revealing that the game has a net cost of approximately $15 per hour of gameplay, per player. This cost includes the integration of real-life financial outcomes, such as the payment of bills and receipt of paychecks, into the gameplay through the Hasbro Finance App.

“The Game of Life has always been about mirroring the twists and turns of real life in a fun and engaging way,” said Jane Smith, Hasbro’s VP of Global Brand Strategy. “With the 2024 Very Real Edition, we’re taking that to the next level. Our players will be able to feel the weight and thrill of their in-game decisions in their actual bank accounts, making every move on the board more impactful than ever before.”

This revolutionary approach to gameplay is expected to not only generate excitement among fans of the franchise but also attract a new audience seeking innovative and practical ways to understand personal finance. Hasbro anticipates that the realistic nature of the game will resonate with players, making it a new favorite for game nights and educational settings alike.

The 2024 Very Real Edition of The Game of Life also underscores Hasbro’s commitment to financial literacy. By creating a direct correlation between in-game actions and real-world financial consequences, Hasbro aims to educate players about the financial implications of life choices in a controlled, safe, and entertaining environment.

“We believe that by incorporating these real-world elements into The Game of Life, we’re providing a service beyond entertainment,” Smith continued. “We’re preparing our players for the financial realities of the world in a way that’s never been done before.”

As with all its products, Hasbro ensures that the utmost security measures are in place to protect player data and financial information. The Hasbro Finance App is designed with industry-leading encryption and security protocols to ensure a safe and secure gaming experience.

The Game of Life: 2024 Very Real Edition will be available for purchase in late November 2023, just in time for the holiday season. Hasbro invites players to gear up for this life-altering gaming experience that combines fun, education, and real-world financial management like never before.

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