Ryan Reynolds Brings The Brown Derby Back to Wilshire

Ryan Reynolds Brings The Brown Derby Back to Wilshire

LOS ANGELES — November 13, 2023 at 12:52 pm PST — Renowned actor, entrepreneur, and visionary investor Ryan Reynolds is excited to unveil his latest project set to reshape the iconic culinary landscape of Los Angeles. Today, Mr. Reynolds is pleased to announce the ambitious revival of “The Brown Derby” restaurant on Wilshire Blvd, promising a larger, more luxurious and innovative dining experience paying homage to the rich history of the original establishment.

The Brown Derby holds a special place in the hearts of Angelenos and visitors alike, as it was once a cherished symbol of Hollywood’s golden era. Under the stewardship of Ryan Reynolds, this historic institution is poised to make a triumphant return, blending its classic charm with modern sophistication.

The New Brown Derby Restaurant

  1. Expanded Space: The new Brown Derby restaurant will be housed in a larger building, offering even more room for patrons to enjoy their dining experience. The expansion ensures that the restaurant can accommodate a greater number of guests without compromising on the quality of service.
  2. Additional Floors: To meet the growing demand for this iconic dining destination, the new building will include extra floors. These additional levels will provide more space for both diners and staff, ensuring a comfortable and efficient experience for everyone.
  3. Enhanced Natural Light: Mr. Reynolds’ vision for the Brown Derby includes maximizing natural light throughout the restaurant. With more windows than ever before, diners will be able to enjoy their meals in a bright and inviting atmosphere, while also taking in the vibrant energy of Wilshire Blvd.
  4. Outdoor Patios: Recognizing the appeal of outdoor dining, the revitalized Brown Derby will feature beautiful outdoor patios. Guests will have the option to dine al fresco, surrounded by lush greenery and the unmistakable ambiance of Los Angeles.
  5. Culinary Excellence: While the exterior and ambiance may evolve, the heart of the Brown Derby remains its commitment to culinary excellence. The menu will feature a mix of classic dishes that pay homage to the original restaurant, as well as innovative creations that reflect the vibrant and diverse food scene of contemporary Los Angeles.

Ryan Reynolds is deeply committed to preserving the spirit of The Brown Derby while breathing new life into this beloved institution. He states, “The Brown Derby is a true Hollywood legend, and I’m honored to be part of its revival. Our goal is to capture the essence of the original restaurant’s charm and elegance while adding modern touches that will make it a must-visit destination for generations to come.”

The revitalization of The Brown Derby is not only a tribute to Hollywood’s history but also an investment in the future of Los Angeles as a cultural and culinary hub. The project is expected to create numerous job opportunities and contribute to the city’s economic growth. After an extensive search for the right architectural firm, Johnson Fain won the contract. Construction drawings are currently in municipal review with groundbreaking scheduled for early January 2024.

As construction begins on this exciting endeavor, Ryan Reynolds invites the public to stay tuned for updates on the progress and milestones of The Brown Derby revival. The project’s official website and social media channels will be regularly updated with news, photos, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of the transformation. For information please visit Mashed.

About Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is a world-renowned actor, entrepreneur, and investor known for his versatility and charismatic presence on screen. Beyond his acting career, Mr. Reynolds has shown a keen interest in various entrepreneurial ventures, including aviation, spirits, and now, the revitalization of The Brown Derby restaurant.

About The Brown Derby

Exterior photo of The Brown Derby Restaurant. Photo by Chalmers Butterfield
Photo by Chalmers Butterfield

The Brown Derby was a legendary restaurant in Los Angeles that symbolized the glamour and sophistication of Hollywood’s golden era. Its distinctive shape, resembling a brown derby hat, became an iconic landmark on Wilshire Blvd. The restaurant was not only a favored dining destination for celebrities but also a symbol of the city’s rich history and culinary culture.