Ridley Scott’s “Napoleon” Starring Joaquin Phoenix not American Enough

Ridley Scott's "Napoleon" Starring Joaquin Phoenix not American Enough
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SANTA BARBARA — November 26, 2023 at 6:53 am PST — Moms for Liberty, a grassroots organization committed to safeguarding American values and ensuring the well-being of our children in education and entertainment, is taking a stand against Ridley Scott’s latest film, “Napoleon,” starring Joaquin Phoenix. As an organization that has previously focused on issues related to LGBTQ+ books in schools, we are expanding our mission to address concerns about content in movies and television that we believe do not align with our core values as Americans.

The film industry has a profound influence on our society, shaping cultural norms and attitudes. As concerned mothers, we believe it is essential to advocate for content that upholds the values that have made America a great nation. Ridley Scott’s “Napoleon” has raised concerns among our members for its portrayal of a historical figure and its potential impact on our children’s understanding of American history and identity.

While we acknowledge the importance of artistic freedom and creative expression, we also recognize the power that filmmakers hold in shaping public perception and opinion. It is crucial for filmmakers to approach historical subjects with care and respect, particularly when dealing with iconic figures like Napoleon Bonaparte.

Our concerns with “Napoleon” center around several key issues:

  1. Historical Accuracy: Napoleon Bonaparte is a central figure in European history, and his actions had significant repercussions worldwide. Any portrayal of him should be grounded in historical accuracy to ensure that our children have a factual understanding of this important period in history.
  2. American Values: As Moms for Liberty, we believe it is essential for entertainment to reflect and promote American values such as freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We are concerned that “Napoleon” may not sufficiently emphasize these core principles.
  3. Casting: While Joaquin Phoenix is undoubtedly a talented actor, we question the decision to cast a Mexican actor as the lead in a film about a historical figure representing American history and values.
  4. Respect for History: It is essential that any portrayal of historical events and figures shows respect for the complexities of history. We worry that “Napoleon” may oversimplify or sensationalize events for the sake of entertainment.

Moms for Liberty is not calling for censorship or the suppression of artistic expression. Instead, we are urging filmmakers and studios to be mindful of the potential impact their work can have on young minds and the broader cultural narrative. We encourage open dialogue and collaboration between content creators and concerned citizens to ensure that our children are exposed to content that aligns with our American values.

To address our concerns, Moms for Liberty is initiating a conversation with Ridley Scott and the film’s producers. We hope to engage in a constructive dialogue about the portrayal of historical figures and events in “Napoleon” and its potential impact on our children. We believe that it is possible to create compelling and historically accurate entertainment that also reflects the values that make America great.

Furthermore, we are calling on parents and concerned citizens to join us in this important conversation. Your voices matter, and together, we can encourage filmmakers and studios to consider the impact of their work on the values and education of our children.

Moms for Liberty remains committed to our mission of ensuring that our children receive an education and consume media that aligns with American values. While our focus has expanded to address concerns in the entertainment industry, we remain steadfast in our dedication to promoting liberty, individual freedom, and respect for our nation’s history.

We invite concerned parents, educators, and community members to learn more about our organization and join us in our efforts to shape a brighter future for our children. Together, we can ensure that our entertainment reflects the values that have made America a beacon of freedom and opportunity for generations.

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