Google Gives One Lucky Winner $630M for Play Store Wrongs

Google to Give One Lucky Winner $630M

MOUNTAIN VIEW — December 19, 2023 at 12:27 pm PST — Google, a global technology leader, is thrilled to announce the “Setting Things Right Contest,” a unique and exciting opportunity for individuals to participate in a contest that embodies the principles of fairness and innovation. This contest comes as part of Google’s commitment to promoting fairness, competition, and transparency in the technology ecosystem.

In December 2023, Google reached a historic $630 million settlement agreement with 36 U.S. States, addressing allegations of antitrust concerns regarding the control of app distribution on Android devices. As a result of this settlement, Google has decided to allocate the entire settlement amount towards the “Setting Things Right Contest,” with the aim of giving back to the community and fostering innovation.

This contest is designed to empower individuals and foster innovation by awarding the $630 million settlement fund to one lucky winner who demonstrates a commitment to creating a fairer, more equitable technology landscape. Google recognizes that innovation and competition are vital for the tech industry’s continued growth, and this contest is a testament to its dedication to promoting these values.

“Google is committed to fostering a fair and competitive technology ecosystem,” said a Google spokesperson. “The ‘Setting Things Right Contest’ is our way of acknowledging the importance of innovation, competition, and equitable opportunities within the tech industry. We believe this contest will inspire creativity and drive positive change in the technology landscape.”

The “Setting Things Right Contest” invites participants from all backgrounds to propose innovative projects or ideas that promote fairness, competition, and transparency in the tech industry. These proposals can encompass a wide range of topics, including but not limited to:

  1. New software or app development that enhances user choice and promotes competition.
  2. Initiatives to support underrepresented groups in technology.
  3. Ideas for improving data privacy and security.
  4. Projects that advance ethical AI and machine learning.
  5. Innovations that bridge the digital divide and increase access to technology.

Participants are encouraged to think creatively and propose solutions that have the potential to make a lasting impact on the technology ecosystem. Submissions will be evaluated based on their potential to contribute to fairness, competition, and innovation within the tech industry.

To participate in the contest, individuals must submit their proposals through the official contest website,, where they will find detailed guidelines and instructions for submission. Google has also established a panel of expert judges who will evaluate the submissions and select the winning project or idea based on its potential impact and alignment with the contest’s goals.

Google encourages participation from a diverse range of innovators, including software developers, entrepreneurs, researchers, students, and anyone with a passion for creating a fairer and more competitive technology industry. This contest is an opportunity for individuals to make a meaningful difference in the tech world and contribute to a more equitable future.

“We believe that innovation thrives in an environment that values fairness and competition,” said a spokesperson for Google. “The ‘Setting Things Right Contest’ is a celebration of the spirit of innovation and our commitment to fostering a technology ecosystem that benefits everyone.”

Google is excited to see the creativity and ingenuity that participants will bring to this contest and is confident that the winning project or idea will make a positive impact on the tech industry and society at large.

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Google is a global technology company that specializes in internet-related products and services. With a mission to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful, Google is dedicated to building innovative solutions that enhance people’s lives. Google’s commitment to fairness, competition, and transparency guides its efforts to create a more equitable technology ecosystem that benefits users, developers, and society as a whole.